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Years ago, I discovered the power of learning from someone further down the road than I am, who leads a bit differently and has a healthy and growing mission. The coaching I’ve received since starting River Pointe in 1996 has kept my ministry out of the ditches and right on track. After 25 years of ministry, starting a church from scratch, and seeing this mission become multi-site, I now love to provide coaching to other church leaders around the country. A simple definition of wisdom might be the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes instead of making your own. I ask good questions that utilize my business degree and years of full-time ministry to help leaders lead. I like helping church leaders look at things from staffing, budgeting, logistics, multi-site, diversity, leadership, and capital campaigns to growth barriers, reaching the outsider and navigating boards and everything in between. The leaders I coach don’t take all my advice and best practices, but they do have the benefit of thinking through big decisions from different angles.   

Ultimately, I believe leading God’s church is an adventure of faith that the Holy Spirit leads and directs. I love being part of church leaders discovering what God has in mind for your work by regular monthly conversation. The River Pointe story is unique and so is your ministry, so my coaching work is centered around some principles that will encourage church leaders to discover what is most effective for their ministry at any given time.  

River Pointe is a healthy and vibrant ministry that continues to grow, with over 5,500 people each week. Our Richmond campus sits on 96 acres of land and now has 4 weekend services. Our Missouri City campus (video venue) started in January 2012 and now runs over 500 people with 2 services. We launched a third campus in March 2015 on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm inside Houston’s inner loop, along the Washington Ave corridor. I preach this service live and it currently runs about 150 in attendance. Our 2015-2016 operating budget is $6.7 million and currently services approximately $4.5 million of long-term debt. We completed a 17,500 sq. foot $4.4 million Student Building in 2014, without incurring any long-term debt. We are currently preparing for a $12 million capital campaign in order to buy land for our Missouri City campus and build a children’s building in 2016. We are out of worship space and are already planning for the next move to add another worship space in 2019. I love developing long-term overviews of the direction God is taking a church. Most importantly, our diverse congregation buys into the Great Commission and we’ve developed a real sense of mission at River Pointe. People come to believe in Jesus because we are wise, prayerful and committed to the right things.  

The thing that gets me up in the morning is people’s lives being changed. We continue to reach people outside the faith and the Holy Spirit continues to work through us, even as broken as we all are. His grace is amazing! I love the outsider and I believe I can help more churches become effective in the ministry God has called them to. My time is affordable and there is no long-term commitment. Click on the form below and let’s get started.